How to get a realtor’s job information for a mortgage broker job

The Real Estate Board of Canada (REB) has released its job listings for a new job listing for an Information Analyst.

The posting for the position was published on July 31 and is available for the duration of the vacancy.

The job is a full-time, multi-site, one-year position that provides full time support and technical assistance to a team of professionals, including mortgage brokers, to help with the identification, monitoring and processing of residential mortgage loans.

The position is expected to pay $48,000 annually.

The listing is for a position with a salary of $49,000.

Job description:The Information Analyst positions will provide information to the team on mortgage-related issues and services, as well as assist the team with reporting to the Financial Institutions and Housing Canada, as appropriate.

The position will provide ongoing support to the client in a timely manner and will provide the necessary information to ensure the success of the transactions.

This position will be located in the mortgage lending, servicing, insurance and other mortgage lending activities of REB, the real estate industry’s premier financial regulatory body.