Quantum information jobs: NHL hires ‘super scientists’

The National Hockey League (NHL) is bringing on some of its own super scientists to help analyze the data that it collects from the game and develop ways to make it better.

According to a press release, the NHL will be hiring a “super scientist” to “develop novel algorithms for quantifying and improving on existing statistical measures.”

The news release says the super scientist will also have “supervisory responsibility for developing and implementing new statistical models.”

The NHL said it will pay the super researcher $60,000 to $100,000 a year.

The announcement comes as the league looks to attract more sports fans who prefer to watch games on TV rather than using their computers to access the game online.

The NHL has been working on a new game-watching app called SportsNet that would use the league’s data to identify trends in TV viewership.

It’s unclear if the super science would be used to improve the new app.

In 2014, the league partnered with ESPN to create a new analytics program, called “Sports Analytics,” which aims to help the league identify trends and improve its data.

The goal of the NHL’s new analytics is to provide a better view of the game on TV by using the data it collects to help predict how many people will watch a particular game and how many will watch in that specific area.