Trump administration faces job uncertainty in defense jobs

A White House aide says the administration faces a challenge in filling key jobs in defense.

The White House said Thursday that Vice President Mike Pence is leading a task force to determine what to do about defense positions in the administration.

| Getty Pence, Pence administration team lead job-hunting task forceThe task force, which was created by Pence and Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work, will begin its work Thursday, according to White House spokesman Ned Price.

Work is leading the task force.

The group will include senior defense officials and other experts.

The administration has faced criticism for not doing more to fill the Pentagon’s defense positions.

On Thursday, Pence said the White House has “very serious questions” about what to replace Gen. James Mattis and Gen. David Petraeus, who retired in January, and about who to replace retiring Gen. John Allen.

Pence said his team is working on a strategy to fill those positions.

The task force will also focus on defense contractors, Pence added.

President Donald Trump signed an executive order to cut federal civilian hiring and the Pentagon said it will hire only the most qualified candidates.