Which job postings will lead to job postings with the most buzz?

The most buzzed about jobs posted in the past year?

“Coca-Cola” (23.4%), followed by “Fox News” (19.9%), “American Idol” (18.4%) and “Fox Business Network” (17.6%).

The most common job title?

“Chief Information Officer.”

And the least buzzed job title: “Digital Marketing Manager.”

Here’s what the top and bottom five most searched jobs are: Chief Information Officer: Coca-Cola, $110,000, up from $82,000 in December 2016.

Chief Information Officers are responsible for designing, managing, and implementing all of the company’s corporate websites and digital advertising platforms.

The job description also calls for a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field.

Data Scientist: Fox News, $98,000 up from a reported $86,000.

This is a job that requires a bachelor of science degree or higher in computer and data sciences.

This position is also listed as a “digital marketing manager.”

“Chief Data Scientist” is a top-ranked position on the job postings site.

Sales Engineer: Fox Business Network, $72,000 down from $72.5 million in December.

This job is listed as an “engineering” position, which means the job requires at least a bachelor degree.

Sales Engineers are responsible to design, build, and maintain the software systems that support a business’s sales processes.

The position description also describes the responsibilities of the position as “technical manager” or “program manager.”

Customer Experience Officer: American Idol, $70,000 to $90,000 increase.

This role requires at most a bachelor bachelor’s or master’s degree.

The most popular job title for this position is “Customer Experience Manager.”

A “customer experience manager” is an executive who oversees customer experience programs.

Customer Experience Managers are responsible, among other things, for managing and developing new customer service and customer service training programs and developing strategies for delivering better customer service to customers.

Customer Service Specialist: American Idiot, $60,000 gain from $53,000 decrease in December, according to a recent job posting.

This post has the title “Customer Service Specialist” and is the top-ranking position on this job listing.

Data Analytics Analyst: Fox Broadcasting Company, $51,000 rise from $48,000 loss in December 2015.

This one is an “analytics” position.

This type of job description includes working with data sets to provide technical support for data collection and analysis.

A “data analytics analyst” is typically responsible for supporting the development and implementation of analytical tools, such as statistical analysis, machine learning, machine-learning tools, and data mining.

Data Science Associate: Fox TV, $40,000 more than $25,000 on the increase from $37,000 drop in December in the same job description.

This posting lists the role as a data science analyst and also includes the job description as “an advanced technical analyst” that includes a bachelor and master’s degrees in computer or information sciences.

Digital Marketing Manager: Fox Entertainment Group, $29,000 for an “advanced technical analyst.”

This position requires a master’s in computer, information sciences, or a similar field.

This listing includes a description of the role’s responsibilities as a technical manager.

A job listing for this job title calls for “an industry or specialty-level degree in information technology or related fields.”

“Digital marketing manager” makes the list.

The list also includes an “experience management” role.

Data Engineer: American Heroes, $26,000 with an “Advanced Technical Analyst” title.

This particular job description describes the role in detail, calling it an “engineer who leads a team of engineers, including data engineers, who provide technical leadership, direction, and control of data, including analysis, modeling, data mining, and other data-related activities.”

This listing also includes “a bachelor’s in science or engineering or a relevant degree or certificate from an accredited college or university.”

Data Engineer is the second most searched job on the website, behind “Data Scientist.”

Information Graphics Artist: American Hero, $23,000 and $20,000 increases.

This graphic art job description is the most popular for this role on the site, with more than half of the job listings on the list mentioning it as a graphic artist.

The listing also notes that the job has the following job title, which includes “an individual who is knowledgeable about graphics and video.”

Data Scientist, Graphic Artist, and Data Analyst are the next most popular jobs on the same listing.

Sales & Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist, & Customer Experience Manager are the least popular jobs.