Chefs at Florida restaurants face competition from overseas

Restaurants are struggling to find skilled and experienced staff to replace the millions of Americans who leave their jobs for good, with some moving to Canada or the United States.

The industry is struggling to replace people who have been laid off by the U.S. recession, and many are not able to find other jobs.

Some restaurants are moving overseas, with one recently opening a second location in Canada.

Another restaurant in Florida is hiring temporary staff from abroad, in hopes of hiring them as soon as possible.

Chefs at Orlando’s most popular restaurants are working from home to try to attract more talented chefs to the Sunshine State.

For many, it’s a challenging adjustment to their lives, and it’s only going to get harder if there’s a slowdown in the hiring.

In Orlando, the wait staff at two of the most popular spots in town have been asked to prepare meals, cook the menu and prepare catering for the restaurants, said Kristi Miller, who manages the food service business for the hotel chain The Palace at Wynwood.

“They’re working from the comfort of their homes, they’re working out of their cars,” Miller said.

Miller said it’s unclear whether the Orlando restaurant will hire full-time staff or temporary staff.

It could be months before the Orlando franchisee can offer full- or temporary employment, she said.

Miller said she can’t imagine why some of the restaurants will be able to hire the staff they’re requesting, if the company can’t hire full time staff.

She said some restaurants in Orlando are also looking to expand the size of their staff to accommodate those that want to stay longer.

“If we can bring in people from outside Orlando, they might have more flexibility to work with us,” Miller told CBC News.

“Orlando is not a city that is a restaurant-centric city, so they’ll be able, if they want to work, to work here.”

One of the restaurant owners said he would love to see more people from the Orlando area move to the Orlando region, especially if it’s cheaper.

“We are a small business here, so it makes sense that if we can make it work in Orlando, then maybe we can work out a better arrangement,” said chef and owner of the downtown Orlando restaurant, Anthony Bourdain.

“If it makes more sense for us to be able get a job in Orlando and make it more affordable, then we’ll do it.”

Bourdain has lived in the area for more than a decade.

He’s also an avid golfer and an avid tennis player.

The restaurant he owns, Michelin-starred restaurants, is owned by the Bourdain family.