Which job skills are most likely to get you hired?

Informant jobs are generally considered to be lower paying than more prestigious jobs, but the types of work they’re good at can vary greatly, according to a new survey. 

While there are many types of jobs available in the informal economy, the survey by job-skill tracker Glassdoor found that many of the jobs that are considered to have the highest pay, such as information operator jobs and the technical jobs, fall into the lower-paying categories. 

A survey of nearly 5,000 Americans, Glassdoor’s own data, found that those who held a bachelor’s degree earned about $9,000 less than those who had a high school diploma or less.

A high school education was correlated with a lower average salary, though the correlation wasn’t statistically significant, Glasslow said.

The survey also found that about one in four people who were hired at an informal job were women, while only about one out of five people hired at a prestigious job were men.

The survey also showed that about a third of informal job applicants were younger than 30. 

The Glassdoor survey also shows that, on average, an informal employer paid $10 an hour.

Glassdoor, which does not track hourly wages, did not have a salary range.