Police in Northern Ireland investigating possible links to crime and disorder

Police in the North are investigating possible link to crime, and are appealing for anyone who may have seen anything suspicious to come forward.

Key points:A police helicopter flies over the North and Northern Ireland at night to monitor the areaPolice are appealing to anyone who has seen anything strange, suspicious or suspicious activity to come to police station in the town of KincardinePolice said the search for a man who fled to the border after being arrested in a house in Ballymurphy in County Armagh is continuing, with the man’s condition deteriorating over the last 24 hours.

Police said that in a matter of hours, the search had ended, and they have not found any evidence that could support any criminal activity.

A spokeswoman said they were still in the process of contacting any witnesses who may be able to provide further information.

Police in County Derry said that police were aware of a person who had gone missing in Kincardsine on Sunday and are in contact with the person’s family.

In County Tyrone, a search has been launched for a 17-year-old who was last seen in a car in the city.

The search for the teenager is still ongoing.

In Ballymormack, there have been no further sightings of the missing man, but officers are asking anyone who might have seen him to contact them.

In Derry, detectives are appealing people who may witness anything suspicious at a house or on the street in the village of Ballymorgan, just outside Ballybofe, for any information.

They said anyone who spotted a man with a knife or carrying a gun should contact police immediately.

Police urged anyone with information to contact the National Crime Agency (NCA).