How to make more money as a tech journalist

By Peter T. Hines, Business Insider Staff WriterIt seems like a daunting task for many people in tech, but it can be done.

According to a survey from the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), nearly half of the respondents reported being actively looking for new jobs.

In an industry where many people are still learning how to code, this could be particularly important for those who are trying to make money as an information security reporter.

There are many factors that go into earning more money in the information security industry.

One of them is working smarter.

According the BCG survey, almost half of respondents reported that they have made more money by doing things they already knew how to do, such as writing software or writing web applications.

The number of new hires in the industry is also rising.

According an April 2017 study from H-Tools, the number of IT jobs rose by nearly 15% in 2017.

The report also noted that nearly three-quarters of the employees surveyed were women.

Another way to make extra money is by becoming a freelance reporter.

According H-Software, freelance writers are working as contractors, which allows them to make up to $70,000 a year in salary and benefits.

The BCG surveyed more than 1,000 people who were freelancers, and the median pay for freelancers is $75,000.

For these workers, the survey showed that it is important to be able to handle a variety of projects, from technical reporting to social media, to make sure they are working for the right client.

One of the most effective ways to get a feel for what your new job may be like is to try out different jobs.

According to H-tools, the most common tasks freelancers are asked to do are:Read more.