Anonymous – ‘You can never have enough people with the right ideas’ – A job is a job – The Independent

Anonymous has launched a new job-related social media campaign asking for a million jobs in the UK in order to support the UK’s NHS.

The hashtag was launched by a new group called “You Can Never Have Enough People With the Right Ideas”, and was a reference to the current austerity measures the UK faces as it struggles with an outbreak of coronavirus.

The campaign asks people to upload jobs for “your favourite job”, “your local office”, “a small-business or small-group job”, and “a project you are working on”.

“We want to create a community for people to collaborate on ideas,” it said in a statement.

“If you’ve got a job, we want to be able to share your ideas with the world.

We want people to see us, we know you know us.

We need you to join our network.

We can’t have enough.”

The campaign is a response to the government’s decision to slash its funding for the National Health Service (NHS) and to the NHS Budget 2020 which aims to cut its funding by $200 million over four years.

It comes amid a government plan to slash the number of doctors, nurses and midwives in the NHS, and the government is pushing ahead with plans to reduce funding for local healthcare.

The NHS is already struggling to cope with the crisis and the NHS England statement on Monday warned that the NHS is in crisis and will have to “come up with a plan to support patients and providers”.

The UK government has said it will cut funding for primary care and social care, while plans to abolish the NHS’s social care fund are being considered.

“In the past few weeks, we’ve seen an increase in the number and intensity of the coronaviral outbreaks across the country and the wider UK,” Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said in March.

“While the government has been clear that there are clear cuts to our primary care budget, we must also keep the NHS operating to ensure that the best care is available to patients.”

The health service is a vital part of our country’s healthcare system and we will continue to make the NHS stronger, safer and more secure.

“Earlier this month, the government announced that it was to cut the number on the National Insurance scheme from 8.5 million to 5.6 million in order “to make sure the NHS has enough money to protect its patients and provide them with the best possible care”.