VR’s next big thing is the game that won’t suck

It’s been a while since we’ve had any good news for VR developers, and it’s starting to look like it could be a long time coming.

The latest batch of job listings from the VR and AR space show the industry is full of jobs that won´t get you any closer to the next great thing in the world of virtual reality.

We have the job title “Game Design Engineer,” which is listed as a “VR-specific” position, but we´ll have to wait until a new version of Unity, Unity Engine, and Unity SDKs comes out to find out what it actually means.

The job description does not mention Unity, and doesn´t even mention a “main game engine.”

The listing comes with a screenshot of a screenshot that doesn´T look like any of the other VR/AR job listings we’ve seen before.

You can see that there are a number of screenshots in this listing.

In addition, it includes the word “pre-release.”

That´s probably not a great sign, especially since that job listing is being sent to VR developers on the Oculus VR website.

It seems that the job listing, when viewed on the Unity website, gives the impression that it is for a “preview build” or a “public preview.”

While that is certainly a good sign, it doesn´te seem like it would be the final version of the VR/Ar SDK.

We don´t know how much longer the Unity team is going to have to delay releasing the VR SDK, and whether it is possible to get VR games out as soon as the SDK is out.

There are many people who are looking forward to seeing how the VR headsets can improve upon their existing games.

We can’t wait to see what Unity is up to, and to see how they can improve the existing games as well.

If Unity gets VR out as quickly as they promised, they might even be able to release the next version of their VR SDK soon.