How to make sure you get the best work placement deals

Google has published a list of the top job placements for Australian lawyers, which it says are being made by employers in a bid to boost the country’s economy.

The company said it has identified some of the best and most reliable placement opportunities for Australian job seekers, and has posted a “Jobs List” on its website with information on which placements are available.

The list includes information on top-selling and best-performing placements in Australia, including those for judges, senior managers and other high-profile roles.

There is also information on job seekers’ experiences and their preferred placement opportunities.

Google said the placements were being made to “support Australia’s economy” and that it was “committed to making the placement process more efficient and responsive”.

“Our goal is to ensure that job seekers have access to the right placements at the right time, and to ensure the right jobs are available to the most qualified and motivated Australians,” Google said.

The placements, which are based on a job seeker’s experience and preferences, will be available to anyone who qualifies.

Google says the job search engine also offers job seekers an “Ask a lawyer” feature, which gives them the chance to “ask us anything” about a job and receive advice.

“We’ve partnered with job portal HireHub to create a ‘Ask a Judge’ feature, and are rolling out a similar feature in other key markets, including the US and Canada,” Google’s Andrew Durnell said in a blog post.

“As part of our commitment to helping our clients find the best placements they can, we’re continuing to work with the Australian Law Commission (ALC) and other government agencies to ensure placements available in Australia are as competitive as possible.”

A spokeswoman for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said it had not received a formal complaint from anyone about the placement feature.

The ABC has contacted Google for comment.