The New York Times says it is hiring more than 50 people for its ‘information evolution’ blog

NEW YORK (AP) The New Yorker has hired more than 100 writers and editors for its new information evolution blog, and the paper is also launching a new digital journalism program that will expand the reach of its original content.

New Yorker editor-in-chief Ryan Murphy says the new program, called Information Evolution, is designed to expand the site’s reach, with a focus on stories from the web, on print and online, and on digital platforms.

It will offer content from newsrooms around the world, from CNN and the Los Angeles Times to the New York Post and Politico.

The new program is part of the publication’s overall strategy to build out its digital and print newsroom and newsroom operations.

The editorial and news coverage that the New Yorker does are driven by stories, and stories are driven in part by the people who write those stories, Murphy said.

We don’t have any idea of how many stories we’ll write in the future.

We’re just going to be more focused on that.

The site will be more responsive, and it will have more content on topics like terrorism and health care.

We’re very excited about it, said Murphy, who has led the magazine’s newsroom for three years.

I think we’re going to see a lot more innovation and growth at the New Republic and the Atlantic, he added.