What’s new in the B.C. labour market report

The B.P.L.A. released a report on Wednesday that laid out its forecast for job growth in the coming years.

The report projects a strong labour market in B.A., as the province’s economy recovers from the effects of a major oil price drop and the federal government continues to push for an increase in the minimum wage.

The B.F.L.-C.E.O. report projects growth of just over a quarter per cent, which is well below the province average of about 12.5 per cent.

The province is also projecting to have the lowest unemployment rate in the country in 2019.

The unemployment rate for non-Manitoba residents is 4.9 per cent compared to 7.3 per cent in B, the report said.

The job market also projects a slight increase in public sector employment in 2019, with more than 12,000 jobs added in the public service sector, including teachers, police, fire and medical staff.

The government expects the B-plus rating for job creation to be at B+ or above.