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Career editor positions are currently open in: UK, Australia, New Zealand, UK, US, Canada, Canada and Australia.

A career editor is an information technology professional who manages an organisation’s online and offline content.

You’ll need to have a background in digital media, or be able to handle a small team.

You may also need to be a data scientist, but this is not required.

A degree in journalism or related subjects is strongly preferred.

Job posting requirements: A minimum of five years’ experience in online and online publishing and two years’ in the field of digital media or information technology.

You should have some experience in web development, design, database administration, development of software and database systems, and some other related areas.

Your skills in social media management, content management, analytics, search, analytics and other similar areas will be valuable.

You will need to pass an interview process that involves a short presentation, including a brief, mock interview, followed by a written interview, which will assess your competencies.

Candidates must have a minimum of 15 hours of experience in a variety of online and internet-based roles.

You must have the experience of managing a team of about 10 people.

The minimum requirement for a full-time job is six years’ work experience in one of the following areas: online media, digital publishing, web development or information systems.

You also need at least three years’ senior management experience.

If you have a business background, you’ll be required to pass a background check and to show you have the knowledge and skills to manage a small, highly-motivated team of people.

You are also expected to have at least one year of experience managing a large organisation with a global reach.

You can apply to the role online or in person.

If applied online, the deadline for applications is December 31, 2019.

You do not need to apply via an online form, but you should do your best to complete the online form.

Candids are due on or before January 15, 2020.

Job postings will close on February 2, 2020, at 11:59 pm GMT (5:59 am EST, 10:59pm CET).

You can check your job posting status online at

Applicants should also check their employment status on and apply by December 31.

This is a temporary position.

Applications are subject to the recruitment rules in force at the time of posting.

All interviews are conducted in person in London, London, UK.

For further information, contact the HR Department, Jobcentre Plus, Jobseekers Advice Centre, Job Centre Box 9, Chipping Norton, Hertfordshire, WY10 7HT.

Job vacancies will close in December 2019.